Cusco, I Love You

I have to repeat myself here and say I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place as magical as Cusco. You are in a bustling little city while surrounded by lush mountains everywhere you look. It’s breath taking. They almost look like someone threw a green velvet blanket over them, they’re picture perfect.



Although we were only there for a few days we definitely made the most of it!  Tours of ruins, alpaca textile factories, and you know a casual cleansing from a shaman.

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Other than the landscape I’ve was also captivated by some really incredible food during my stay in Cusco. Here are my favorite spots!



It’s a perfect little hidden beer garden! Definitely the type of place you could see opening up in Astoria. (Queens if you’re not familiar with NYC hoods)  A wonderful beer selection and dynamite drinking food.  This is a perfect place to just grab a beer and chill.



IMG_5174 (1).jpg
Turkey sandwich and fries! OH yeahhhhh


Classic cheeseburger and fries


Anywhere cute pups will just come up to your table is a the place for me!



This cute little gem may be a steep climb away, but it is well worth it. Little trinkets everywhere, gorgeous views, and a pot of Mate de Coca for something like 7 soles, I was sold!



La Feria


Located in the main plaza in Cusco center, this popular spot came as a recommendation that did not disappoint. The menu full of Peruvian classics, you can’t go wrong.

Egg soufflé on top of thinly sliced potatoes in a cream sauce. Almost like a potato gratin. Yummo!

Lomo Saltado  with a fried egg! Yass hunty!! The steak was so tender I could die!

The pièce de résistance was my CHICHARRON BABY!!!! Who doesn’t want fried pork all day everyday? Well, I guess vegetarians and vegans, but they have kale so good for them.

Eusebi & Manolo Cafe


This quaint little coffee shop was a life saver on Labor Day! Mama needs her cappuccino’s and bae needs his hierba luis tea! I spied on the couple next to us that had the waffles and DAMNN they looked good! I wish I snagged a pic, but that would have been awkward.


La Bodega 138


We hit this spot at just the right time, boy can it get crowded after 8pm! It’s because they have a brilliant drink selection and…IMG_5392.jpg

PIZZA!!!! So yes I already had pizza in Peru before this, but it was sad and disappointing, but this? This was perfection! And with a little Peruvian flare we got the pie with arugula, prosciutto and aguaymanto. Aguaymanto is known in the states as “goldenberry” or “Cape gooseberry”.   It’s like a sweet and tart cherry tomato. Here’s a closer look at this beaut of a pizza


The atmosphere of this place is certainly why it’s also so popular, look at these poster they have up


I mean really, these are literally my life mantras on the wall.

La Osteria

This was also a wonderful hidden gem. A fusion of classic Peruvian flavors and Italian cuisine. Just really comforting pastas and wines.

Your classic Bolognese with house-made pasta


Bae’s favorite, Ossobuco with a pasta and pink sauce side. I’m not a hug fan of bone marrow, but I appreciate the artistry.




Now my blog may say coffee and fries, but as someone who has worked in many a tea shop, I am also a big fan of teas, especially chai and I was blown away by this place which is located in the same little nook as La Osteria.


Like L’atelier there were trinkets and things, but what was brillant about this place was not only how tranquil and relaxing it was to just sit here and enjoy some tea, but also that the shop is both a cafe and a high end alpaca clothing boutique. The designs in the place were out of this world. It look a lot of effort to not buy anything. (Not for lack of need or desire, but for lack of space in the backpack I had brought with me) I could really see myself spending so many evenings and afternoons in this space. It was the most comforting moments of my entire time in Cusco.


I really do have a love affair with this city, and I could absolutely see myself spending a lot more time there, but for now Chao Cusco! It’s been real!



Thanks for reading!