LIF Week 2018

This lucky gal got to go to Lima’s Fashion week last week! Yassss your girl is finally a socialite! Sadly though I only went for 2 days as I needed to prep for my mini vaca to Cusco. (That post will be up soon!) But I did get to see some amazing looks from incredible designers. I mean look at my face


Is that not the face of the most excited person on the planet?

Anyway, now that I’ve expressed my excitement and vanity here are some of my fav looks of the season!

Amaro Casanova

IMG_4917-001.jpgYass queen you betta work!

Edward Venero: VNRO

In the words of Michelle Visage, “What you packing?!”

Sumy Kujon


I never underestimate the power of a boss ass sweater

José Clemente


Henry Cavill?!?!…oh no it’s not him. But hello Superman, I did not know you run on the way. 😛



I. CAN. NOT. WITH. THIS. LOOK! If I was that model you couldn’t have paid me to take this off!


I was really in love with the ANYI runway. I would have also worn this…and yes with areolas out #freethenipple

EVOLÈT by Jercy Gutiérrez 

I wish I had a better pic of this one, it was flawless.

Ana G.

One of the full runways I got to see at LIF Week. Her work is so much fun! My pics were not so great, but here is a link to a video I took.

Ana G LIF Week 2018 

Sitka Semsch
She was my absolute favorite of the shows I got to see. I was lucky enough to see both her short line in the afternoon showing and her full runway. I was blown away.



Here are links to 3 videos I took of her runways.

Sitka 1

Sitka 2

Sitka 3

Show Room Pics

Here are some pics of things I loved from the exhibit room.

Alberto Caceres Trelles


Mia Perú

Evelyn Monteza


Also a shout out to Inka Moda who was there and sent me to their store in Cusco where I bought a fabulous alpaca sweater!

And that’s that folks!



Thanks as always for reading!